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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many questions about what Harvest Church is all about! We have compiled some of the most popular questions that we frequently get asked to help you get to know Harvest Church a bit better!


What is available for my kids at the church?

 Kids at Harvest Church have the opportunity to both learn about Jesus in a classroom setting with their peers AND to benefit from the adult service on a regular basis.  Children grow to understand God’s plan of salvation and his desire to be a part of their everyday lives.  When any member of the congregation, including the children, decide to accept Jesus as their Savior, baptism is available.


What denomination is Harvest Church affiliated with?

Harvest Church is an independent, non-denominational, Bible believing church.  


What can I expect from the worship service?

Our worship service is approximately an hour and a half long. The first 45 minutes are spent in Praise and worship followed by announcement and dismissal of the kids to Sunday school (except on communion Sundays or in August).  The remaining time is the adult sermon.  The children return upon conclusion of the sermon.  Time for corporate prayer and for personal requests is often included in this time.


What time does church start?

 Church starts at 10AM.


Do you have adult bible study?

There are several opportunities for adult Bible studies.  It is best to contact the church for the most recent schedule.


Do I need to dress up to attend your service? 

There is no expectation placed on members regarding attire.  Some people dress casually while others prefer to dress up.


Can a visitor take communion?

Yes, visitors may take communion.


What is your belief about baptism?

We believe in a believer’s baptism of full immersion, when possible.  Our children are dedicated after birth and when they accept Jesus as their savior they are baptized.  Likewise, adults who wish to be baptized can let the pastor know.  We have a baptistry in the church and travel to ponds and rivers when the weather is good. Please contact the church if you are interested in being baptized.